Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thumbnails 24-39

These thumbnails are of the cities Argia (top half) and Esmerelda (Bottom half). I've tried to work a little more quickly here to just try and get an idea down rather than fuss over it. I especially like 29, I had the idea that because the city of Argia is technically underground, the city could be have buildings covered in plant roots as well as dirt, which would give it a bit more character and possibly a larger colour palette as well.

1 comment:

  1. I like 29 as well but I feel like i want to see more of it, like slightly more zoomed out.
    Maybe try using big brushes and creating tonal thumbnails, they usually keep the process pretty quick and can help you form interesting structures as well.

    Also It might be worth separating the cities on to individual pages. So you could do a page for Argia, with the name of the city on the page, so it's completely clear for anyone what this page consists of. It would also be nice to see some of the lines of text that inspire you, as that can lead to some nice discussions.

    Keep them coming!