Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Invisible Cities OGR


  1. OGR 08/10/2015

    Hey Lewis,

    I'm excited by your choice of city - and likewise the pertinent social commentary re. consumption and waste: puts me in mind of these references right away:

    I think this city gives you an opportunity for an epic master shot - the city, so smart and chic, living in the shadow of this mountain of crap, which at any moment could tumble down and swallow everyone up. There is something about the description of this city that, in terms of its structure/foundations/lower levels reminds me of the ways in which coral reefs develop into complex structures; layers added to layers:

    There's something too about this city re-booting itself which puts me in mind of the endless issuing of new, updated phones; the Apple are always driving people 'away' from their first purchase, and onto the next; there's something about this tech consumerism that really relates to your city; you suggest that your city itself would be this modern, clean place - all gleaming new. You might therefore want to look at Apple products and the designer Jonathan Ives as inspiration for your vocabulary of shapes for your 'always upgraded city'.

    The other thing you need to address is 'why' you're showing us the bits of this city that you are; for the low angle and interior image, you're really being asked to reveal more about the inner workings of this city; perhaps these are opportunities to deal with the practical matter of waste-disposal in your city? Perhaps you're showing us the dirty work hidden from the eyes and lives of the city's elite?

    In terms of the city, one assumes that while the 'street cleaners' might be revered as angels, the architects would be revered as Gods - creators, so perhaps, in terms of elitist architecture, perhaps the seat of power in this city would be the architect's office?

    In summary, I think this city represents an opportunity for some sly satire, and for concept paintings that might, in terms of tone and style, feel very different, depending on which aspect of the city and its organisation you choose to focus on.

  2. Okay Phil thank you, I'll look into the links and start developing!