Wednesday, 13 April 2016

@Jordan - Art Of Sample Pages (Not In Order)

I have roughly 40 pages finished now, all following this colour scheme and font etc...



  1. Hi Lewis,

    As I've said from the start, a really strong and restrained approach to presentation. I like that these pages feel sparse and give the reader room to digest each image.

    I'd love to see more of the other pages soon, but one small note would be regarding text blocks. I would maybe re-approach the relationship between the title and the text block itself. The title feels a little invisible. Maybe a slightly bolder version of the font would help. And the text blocks could perhaps be justified, to give a better structure to the font. This can be found in the "Paragraph" panel in Photoshop.

    Lastly, I'd really make sure your sketches are on show as much as possible. It would be nice to see some inverted sketchbook pages. Something that shows the pre-digital phase of the project. Even seeing note pages inverted and presented on a black background can be great. Something that will give us more of an idea regarding the origins of the project. As well as a bit more punch to the overall book design. Be careful that it doesn't become too subtle and end up feeling like a war-time type-written document. Some more impactful pages (perhaps black background) here and there will help make the whole thing pop.

  2. Okay Jordan nice one, thank you :)