Monday, 23 January 2017

Adaptation (B) | Music Choice Progress

As the current idea for my adaptation (B) project revolves around designing a backdrop of lights, effects and a mixture of graphic design and live action footage the music is going to give me the starting points for my designs.

If I cannot get the permission needed to use the music I would ideally want here are two options that I like the sound of so far.


Groovy Hip Hop


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  1. Hi Lewis.

    The link below is to a piece made by one of our graduates (Anita). Anita was inspired by her Mother's memories of India and worked with a composer to create the piece. I'm not sure what you're seeing visually when listening to your music choices but it helps if there is a sense of narrative or world in the music. Otherwise it becomes a bit subjective. Do you have a world your seeing? Can you clarify that beyond a list of methods?