Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation (A) | Pitching Ideas


  1. You could have good fun with An Instrument and House Cat I'd say.

  2. A Game Of Thrones extra! I can see that going viral #GOT

  3. Hi Lewis

    Pitch Feedback

    Ok, you have a good wide range of topics on your list Lewis. They all have a genesis of an inforgraphic perhaps due to the abstractness of the phrase ‘The life cycle of’. However, my personal picks form your list are ‘A Game of Thrones extra, an instrument, and a number one hit’. My only reservation is the fictional nature of the Game of Thrones idea – Are there facts about being an extra on Game of Thrones out there? May be there is. If not, you will need make up the facts and write a script very quickly – Time in short in this project. Obviously (I’m hoping) you’ve watched the show too. The other ideas I’ve mentioned are marginally more factual and a little easier to define as a cycle. In terms of moving on I’d suggest exploring the ‘Game of Thrones Extra’ idea whilst keeping in mind you’re not making an animated short. Use the genre conventions of infographics to help inform your ‘fact’ choices even if those are purely made up.