Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Adaptation (A) | Updated Infograph Idea

My working idea concerning my infographic revolved around Game Of Thrones, however after my tutorial with Alan my plan has shifted to not simply focus on Game Of Thrones but rather background characters from different genres, humorously detailing their daily lives.

 For the romance genre I plan on having a couple glide past this character who will be waiting at a bus stop reading a newspaper, only to lower the paper and vomit at the sight of the happy couple.


When the infographic is showing the background characters of the action genre I'm going to show this character moving along side other tanks, only to fall behind and be forgotten as the sound of a missile grows louder.

Science Fiction
As the science fiction section begins I plan on showing this alien character travelling through a space battle, only to be hit with a laser and fall to earth, leaving the battle to continue overhead as he gazes up.

Fantasy Epic
During the section that focusses on the fantasy genre I'm going to show this crowd gradually moving towards the audience, only to be hit with a barrage of arrows as they grow closer.


  1. Hi Lewis. Your 'Action' genre example is more 'War' (a sub-genre of action) than a 'pure' action film. You might want to go with a Bond, Indianna Jones type of film instead? In those films innocent bystanders (extras) get blown up and shot all the time.

  2. Romance - I think this could be someone 'single' who can't find love rather than vomitting. As if all that positive romance going on in front of them is making them sadder. Eg... We see the character reveal his 'dinner for one' ready meal.

  3. Sci-Fi - You could make this character 'cross-eyed'. Think of him as a 'cross-eyed' first combat soldier thrown into battle as 'fodder'.

  4. FYI - What I'm trying to do here is to look for the contrast between what is mean to be happening in the genre and its opposite. So in the case of Sci-fi, its a 'competent' alien invasion so in the background should be an obviously incompetent character. Romance, foreground positive and the background negative. Contrast is how good comedy works. The vomiting version of your background character could work but reads as being a little judgmental too.

  5. Okay Alan thank you for the feedback