Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Adaptation (B) | Idea Development | Concept Art

 (Video created by COMPLEKS.)

This video by COMPLEKS. is a strong depiction of the kind of work I want to create for my adaptation (B) project, a mixture of these simple animation techniques and some photography that can be accompanied to the song 'She' by 'The Machiavellis'.


After speaking to the vocalist and song writer of the band about the themes of the song and the story behind the lyrics I found that the song tells the story of a band member and his struggle deciding what degree to choose and his trouble with communicating these feelings to his girlfriend.

I also asked about the live performance of the song and the levels of aggression the band show whilst performing this specific song, something that will help me now I'm going to start creating concept art and images for what I want the film to be.

The images below are original concept art of mine created from just singular lyrics and the meaning behind them according to the band themselves, I feel like this is going to be an effective way of beginning my pre production stage as I'll quickly gather enough images to form the basis of a film and can then focus on their transitions later within maya.

"I heard you're dying..."

"I could see you wanted something, but I couldn't figure out the truth..."

"Shes not leaving till you give her what she wants..."

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