Thursday, 16 February 2017

Adaptation (B) | Influence And Inspiration | Project Furthered

After beginning the concept art stage of my project and a chat with Alan, I've decided to revisit some of the music videos that have inspired me to follow this path within my adaptation project and what it is within each one that appeals to me.

(Some of these videos contain explicit language)
The areas of this video that appeal to me exist within the shots revolving around the female character, I love how the director has managed to depict a feeling of loneliness and seclusion with no dialogue from the actress or real context from the music.

 This video has inspired me through its use of location, I like the fact that the entirety of the film exists on a single road, potentially working as a metaphor for the song. This is something I really want to achieve this within my work because of the themes of the song, the idea of having to much choice and no one to turn to lends itself to taking place in area that promotes the notion of choosing something or a path, potentially a crossroads or an alley? possibly even a woodland area because of the different paths available.

Within this video the area that is having an influence on my work is the 2D animation composed over the top of the footage, little details like that are adding so much to this video and help to not only deliver the theme of the song but also just make the video much more appealing.

The song within this link is serving as a huge source of inspiration to me because of the use of video overlay, this technique is something that I really want to achieve within my film as I feel as if the combination of 3D modeling and live footage could create an effect that appeals to audiences.

This concept art which I have created is beginning to show the technique and style that I want to run through my film, I'm considering just modeling the two hands and animating a sequence of them performing in a manner that suggests a level of frustration (a key theme within my chosen song, actions such as nail picking and fist clenching would definitely feature in the performance. This animation paired with an edited piece of live footage video projected over the top of the model could help create a unique film. 

I would fit the animated performance and the live footage video to the beats of the song and ensure that the intensity levels of the two increased as the song suggests.  

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