Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Adaptation (B) | Reflective Statement

Throughout the duration of my Adaptation part B project I have spent time exploring new software, learning new techniques in familiar software and focusing down on skills that I think will be incredibly useful to me in the areas I want to work on in the future projects as well as in a career. In terms of the creative process I have enjoyed it immensely, I often struggle with areas of Maya and that can make the program less enjoyable for me during the production stages of my project, but after being able to work in a style that suits my personal interests my appreciation for the software has rapidly grown, I was genuinely excited to see what kind of work I could create and that made the whole process much more enjoyable. By designing my final product as a 4 minute film I was also able to sharpen up my editing skills along the way, an area that I would love to improve upon. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with a client of types, by communicating with a real band I was able to gain an idea of what working with a real client would be like, and that made the whole working process seem much more professional and rewarding when the film was completed. All in all I am extremely happy with the final film and proud of the work I created, there are shots within the film that work more successfully than others but overall I'm very happy with how the video looks. This project has been extremely enjoyable for me, I was able to work in an area of my choice on a subject of my choice which helped me gain a genuine interest in the work I was creating.

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