Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Butch Auntie | Creating A Particle Galaxy

As my internship with Butch Auntie begins, I've decided that I'm going to keep my blog updated with the work I create, along with any research or references I use as I go as well as the personal work that I have planned over the summer period.

The first task I've been issued with is the creation of a particle style galaxy that will be used in a projection during a performance, here are the images that struck me instantly as well as some initial movement tests... 

In terms of transparency, I'm thinking that adjusting the attributes of the shader applied to the particles...

As simple lighting effect that I currently like the idea of relies on a spotlight rotating in the center of the galaxy, highlighting the particles individually...

So far I feel like the general feeling is being achieved and after a little feedback I will make any additions or adjustments and go from there.

Reference Illustration List

Fig 1: Star Wars, Movie Still,, Accessed on: 29.05.17

Fig 2: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Movie Still,, Accessed on: 29.05.17

Fig 3: Space Invaders, Game Still,, Accessed on: 29.05.17

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