Saturday, 26 August 2017

Idea Proposal | Major Project

The idea for my third year major project stems from the 2017 film Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan. After initially struggling to find inspiration to work with my shape animations, that I began to explore in my last project, I found a theme in Dunkirk that caught my attention, the idea of privilege or ease of life.

Fig 1: Movie Poster, Dunkirk

After seeing the events these people, some of which at a similar age to me, had to go through, I couldn't help but feel extremely privileged to have lived such an easy life in comparison. 

Fig 2: Screenshot, Dunkirk

Moving forward with this theme, I would like to adapt it to suggest motives rather than to force any kind of military or millennial aesthetic into my work. Potentially similar to the subtle way in which William Eggleston suggests areas of American culture in his photography.

Fig 3: Biloxi

In terms of aesthetics and methods that I want to use to create my work, I think that the intro animation to the Netflix series Daredevil best illustrates the ways in which I want to form my animations.

                        Fig 4:

I'm really interested in creating a film that suggests, in a not too overpowering manner, the difference in quality of life between me and someone who lived out their youth during a time of hardship.

When thinking about the physical appearance of my film, I plan on taking forward the technique used in the most successful part of my last project. The above images were seen as the moments of my film that most effectively manipulated the two mediums of photography and CG, something that I want to have as a foundation for this project, whether that be via projection mapping of deformation.

Illustration List

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