Sunday, 27 May 2018

Major Project | Reflective Statement

Throughout the entirety of my major project, I was very aware of the individuality that my work was carrying with it, something that excited me greatly but was simultaneously crafting a bubble of anxiety that I needed to free myself from. As my project stood separately from my minor project (although remained related theoretically), I was very conscious of the fact that I needed to craft a foundation of reasoning for my work to stand on that differed from that of my previous project, something I am incredibly proud of achieving. Over the course of my major project, my workflow remained steady, never dulling at any moment and consistently maintaining a pace that challenged me. In reflection, I am immensely proud of using my final University project to create an original idea, and finally a film, that stood steadily on a theoretical base and tested my abilities as a designer.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Major Project | Sound Design

After completing the majority of post production work on my raw footage, sound design has begun! the software I'm using to craft the sonic personality of my project is Adobe Audition, a programme that is is allowing me to create sounds that accurately reflect the nature of my materials whilst keeping a cinematic tone. 

Creating the sounds that encompass my five materials has involved working with a number of real world objects, including a saucepan filled with water, a bag of marbles, a wine glass whistling and even an old Pop Vinyl box. By creating these sounds in the real world and then editing them in post I am able to keep full control of the pace of my film.

The post production work on these sounds has included adding reverb, delay, echo, pitching controls and phasers, all tools that give my sounds personality and a uniqueness that mirrors that of the footage itself.

To ensure a full soundscape is created, as well as to tie in this major project with its close relative minor project, I have used the same notes that defined the sonic atmosphere of the previous project to create an underlying atmosphere for the film before adding the materials corresponding sounds.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Major Project | Post Production

Now that all the renders concerning the various sections of my final film, currently titled 'Material', I can begin post production. During this section of my project I will be compositing the various pieces of my film, editing them down/extending them and color correcting, not to mention building a soundscape for the entire running time, currently sitting at 6 minutes.

The most complex area of my renders so far exists within the glass section, as the edit requires these clips to occasionally run backwards and be split into various quick cuts...

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Major Project | Plastic Renders. 02

Coming to the end of my rendering process, ending on the plastic section...