Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Major Project | Moving Forward

From the earliest points of my minor project the goal was always to create a body of work that my major project could be born from, riffing off of ideas and creative workflows that had already been established in my earlier work. After concluding my minor project this is very much still the case, in my interim crit I stated that I would create a series of mock up architectural pieces that would be explored in a 3D space as well as stemming from the experiments I had created when developing my minor project, something that is very much still the goal.

Something that was apparent and extremely prevalent in my minor project was the work's ethos, this idea that pieces could be created from the 'broken' moments of a software, taking specific functions from Maya and pushing them to their natural limits in order to form designs that are often overlooked when work such as this is created. This motive will also be the driving force for my major project, taking work that was created when Maya was allowed to create work that was within its natural limits and pushing it to prove that the purity of the software is something that shouldn't be hidden but rather put on display. 
I plan on taking some of my favourite moments from the final film, Salon Des Maya, created in my minor project and expanding upon them in order to create sculptures that could be built upon and produced as physical 3D pieces.

The process of refining these moments will work as such, each primitive will be given a set of guidelines that the end result must abide to, this could revolve around a function that the shape must perform or an area within a real geographical location that the shape must fill. For example I may establish that the moment taken from the sphere primitive must function as a piece of furniture that could be produced and used within a working home, or that the deformation taken from the helix shape must fill a 50 meter piece of space in an urban environment. The shape will then each have its own corresponding set of influences and design factors that allow me to follow a workflow that is individual to each shape and will take me to the best possible end result.
The end result will also slightly vary for each primitive shape, for example one shape may have a very particular end result, meaning that the presentation in its final form may be very different to the other shapes. What this may manifest itself as is still to be determined as the different shapes individual purposes are yet to be established, although I'm expecting the majority of the shapes to follow a workflow of purpose-design influence-physical design-production art-final film. The differentiation will almost definitely occur in the final film stage, some shapes may lend themselves more naturally to a film that shows them in their determined environment and some may lean more towards an angle that more closely mirrors the final film of my minor project.

With all that established its time to begin gathering potential moments from the first primitive, the sphere...

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Minor Project | Reflective Statement

This project has been thoroughly enjoyable for me from start to finish, I feel as if after starting to explore the realm of visual effects I am interested in I am beginning to stretch my legs in the field and create a workflow and style that I fully intend in taking into my working graduate life. After diving further into software that will shape the aesthetics of my future work I have discovered areas that I fully intend on keeping in my creative database for future work, something that seems like the biggest benefit possible from working on this project. I've been pleased with my time management on this project, consistently keeping up to date with my render workflow and making sure that the projects final product was out on time to meet the deadline, partnered with lots of supporting experiments and creations. In conclusion, I feel as if this has been one of my most successful projects to date and look forward to working on the major project that will be born from Salon Des Maya.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Personal Work | BRIGHT

Netflix's Bright...

Minor Project | Creating The Final Film

After successfully completing the various renders taken from my primitive shape deformations, I have now begun putting the final product together, piecing together clips that display a range of deformations accompanied by corresponding musical notes...

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Minor Project | Complete Renders

After rendering out the various sequences of primitive shape deformations, I have reached the end of this process and can begin the final composite and audio deformation step. Below are some of my favourite moments from the deformations that occur during the final film...

Friday, 15 December 2017

Minor Project | Continued Renders | Cone & Helix

After completing the various deformation renders for the cylinder primitive, I moved onto exporting the renders focused on showcasing the cone and helix primitives, leaving only two more shapes to be fully rendered out before the final composite can begin...

After completing a number of renders concerning the helix shape is clear that this primitive in particular is going to make for some very interesting deformations...