Saturday, 22 April 2017

Adaptation (B) | Working With Deformers

Adaptation (B) | Working With Deformers & Planes

By applying deformers to planes and not necessarily projecting  the photography from a camera I feel like I'm beginning to eliminate the '2D' issue I was facing, as the deformation of the images is casuing them to feel a lot more 3D... 

Viewing the process from a different angle gives a an idea of how this method is working in a 3D environment...

Along with a wave deformer, I am also adding a texture deformer on top of this as well, utilizing the noise option to create a further sense of movement..

Maya Tutorial | Render Settings Help

I am currently working on one of the sampling tutorials and despite changing my render settings before starting the tutorial I'm still not getting the same options as the tutorial? does anyone know why?