Monday, 11 January 2016

From Script To Screen - Plot Ideas

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  1. just some thoughts as I read your ideas and pass by...

    So - rival Patissiers in 'Bake Off' style national competition, and their efforts to sabotage each other becoming increasingly elaborate - perhaps involving trampoline and animals...

    Snooty Patissier has a posh cake shop next door to a pet shop: mouse/bird/cat/dog from petshop always nicking cakes from shop - a sort of Tom & Jerry vibe, with stunts, farce... and a trampoline?

    Petshop is opposite posh cakeshop; mice in the window of petshop looking adoringly at cakes in window... story ensues. (Great Escape vibe / Mission Impossible vibe...)

    Sweeny Todd-inspired scenario in which patissier is filling pies/cakes with animals: Pet Shop experiencing disappearances - story ensues...

    I'm now thinking of the song: "4 and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie..."