Thursday, 19 January 2017

Character | Reflective Statement

Throughout the entirety of the character project I've felt as if my skills around design have improved greatly, Justin has consistently given me detailed feedback on my drawing and I feel as if his constructive criticism has helped massively.
During the character classes I specifically enjoyed the level of freedom we were given around the activities we were asked to complete, I feel as if that freedom has helped me work on creating more imaginative characters.
I also enjoyed that during the film reviews we were given the option of reviewing a film of our choice (based on the theme of the in class film), I felt an increased level of motivation around the reviews because I was able to talk about films that I personally enjoyed.
During the project I have found it difficult to contain the style in which I draw and convert it  to a more 3D friendly design, causing me to have difficulties creating turnarounds that suit a 3D world. However, with the advice and feedback both Alan and Justin have given throughout the project I feel as if I am moving in the right direction with my designs and I'm starting to mould my style to fit a range of programmes.

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